The Dining Room at Aska - 10 Course Menu

All ​pricing is​​ inclusive of service. We recommend that you set aside two to three hours to fully enjoy this experience.

  • Prepaid reservation for 2-4 guests
  • $175 per person
2 guests
Jun 22, 2017
The Dining Room at Aska - 10 Course Menu is sold out for 2 guests. Try another date or join our waitlist.
6:30 PM (Sold out)$175 x 2
7:00 PM (Sold out)$175 x 2


Brooklyn, NY

Located in an 1860’s restored warehouse building at the edge of the Williamsburg Bridge, Aska is the two Michelin-starred Brooklyn restaurant run by Swedish chef Fredrik Berselius offering seasonal tasting menus in an intimate yet spacious ten table dining room.

Now booking through September 2, 2017

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